【Call for APPLICATIONS】Japanese Language Course A2/B1 for Teachers (First period of 2024)

This course is for Japanese language teachers in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. It is designed to help them improve their Japanese language skills to the equivalent of A2/B1 level. It is organized by the Japan Foundation, Mexico with the assistance of Mexican Association of Japanese Language (AMIJ).

Highly recommended for…

  • Who wants to learn Japanese more and prefers to do it with teachers and other classmates.
  • Who wants to express themselves with more confidence and fluency.
  • Who wants to learn Japanese with the “Marugoto” textbook.

* This course is the continuation of the previous course held between September and December of 2023.


  1. Level A2/B1 of the “JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education”, which is based on the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference for Languages).
    Click here to check if the level you are aiming for corresponds with this course.
  2. Improve your teaching skills through Japanese language learning.
  3. Set your own goals in Japanese language learning and reach them.


  1. In-service Japanese language teachers in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.
  2. Passed the JLPT N4 (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) or having the level A2.2 in CEFR or in “JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education”.
    * Please check your level with “Japanese Test for Course Recommendation”.
  3. (Preferably) Completed “MARUGOTO Self-study Course A2B1-`1”
  4. Can participate with a computer.
  5. Can participate in Zoom sessions with your camera on.
  6. Have the following Internet speed:
    Upload 1.0 Mbps 
    Download  600 kbps
    If you are not sure your Internet speed, please check it here.  


  • We will use “MARUGOTO Katsudoo & Rikai Self-Study Course A2B1-2”, on online platform “Minato”. You don’t have to purchase “Marugoto” textbook.
  • Live Zoom sessions will be held every other week. You are expected to self-manage your learning on “Minato”. In live sessions, we will focus more on out-putting what you have learned in the course of “Minato”.


20 people
* If we receive more applications than the capacity, the selection will be made. 


Contents11:00 to 12:30AM (Jamaica)
12:30 to 13:30 (Trinidad and Tobago)
1OrientationMay 29
Pre-course exam (Oral) *May 29 (or 30, 31)
2Topic 6June 12
3Topic 7June 26
4ReflectionJuly 3
5Topic 8July 10
6Topic 9July 24
Writing exam of the platformbefore July 31
Final exam (oral)July 31
8Final reflectionAugust 7
* The contents of the pre-course oral exam are the same as the final oral exam. The purpose of these exams is to compare the level of your Japanese language ability at the beginning and the end of the course. The details of the date and time will be announced at the orientation of the first session.




Certificate will be issued for those who meet the following requirements.

  1. Completion of learning on the platform “Minato”.
  2. More than 80% attendance at Zoom sessions. (You cannot miss more than one session.)
     * More than 15 minutes late or leaving early will be considered as absent.
  3. Obtain at least “できた” on two “Can-do”s in the final oral exam.
  4. Score more than 80% on the writing exam.
  5. Fill out the “Objectives and Reflection Sheet” and submit.
  6. Fill out the “Self-evaluation Sheet (Can-do check)” and submit.


Japanese Language Section, Tha Japan Foundation, Mexico

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