【Application Closed】Teacher Training Course – How to use “Marugoto” (2022)

Teacher Training Course – How to use “Marugoto” (2022)

This training course provides the knowledge needed to implement a course using the textbook “Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture”. There will be 10 online sessions on Zoom, each session is 2 hours. The sum of the training time is 20 hours.


  1. Can explain the concept of the textbook “Marugoto”, using figures and images.
  2. Can find the points where the concept of the textbook is reflected.


  1. Current or prospective teachers in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, or Spanish-speaking countries in South America who are currently teaching or who would like to teach a course using “Marugoto”. Both native speakers and non-native speakers of Japanese are acceptable.
  2. Non-native Japanese speakers are required to have Japanese language proficiency equivalent to the second half of A2 of JFS / CEFR or higher, or equivalent to having passed JLPT N4
  3. Those who can obtain both [Katsudo] and [Rikai] of the textbook “Marugoto” Starter (A1), Elementary 1(A2), or Elementary 2 (A2) before the 1st session of the training. Electronic versions are also acceptable.
  4. Those who have a sufficient Internet environment and have a computer to participate in the training through Zoom.
  5. Those who can participate with your camera on.

20 persons
* If the number of applicants exceeds the maximum number, a selection will be held.
* If the number of applicants does not reach to the 10 persons, this course will not be held.

The session will be basically in Japanese, the material will be translated into Spanish and English, and the group discussion will be in Japanese, Spanish and English.


A certificate of completion will be issued to those who meet all of the following requirements.
① 80% of attendance in the sessions (more than 15 minutes late or leaving early will be
regarded as “absence”).
② Submit all assignments on time.

SATO Goro (Superior Advisor of Japanese Language Education)
SATO Shiho(Advisor of Japanese Language Education)

Those who have ever participated in any training or seminar etc. about Marugoto given by The Japan Foundation, Mexico may also apply.

All the sessions will be from 17:00 to 19:00  (Mexico City time, UTC -6)
From 19:00 to 21:00 (Trinidad and Tobago time, UTC -4)

Characteristics and the concept of “Marugoto”
212月1日(木)The JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education
312月2日(金)The relation between JFS and “Marugoto”
412月5日(月)Trial lesson for [Katsudo]
512月8日(木)Trial lesson for [Rikai]
612月9日(金)How to use [Katsudo]
712月12日(月)How to use [Rikai]
812月14日(水)How to teach culture
912月15日(木)How to evaluate
1012月19日(月)Summary and reflection
* The class on December 16th will be transfered to December 14th.

Japanese Language Team of The Japan Foundation, Mexico MC_nihongo(at)jpf.go.jp

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